Bonus Episode! Stitches by Charlotte

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As you’ve probably heard Milo is an “Imagine If, with Jif” Finalist! In this special bonus episode you can learn a little more about the contest and about the two other awesome finalists.

Milo got to interview the adorable Charlotte Gould, the seamstress behind Stitches by Charlotte! You can find Charlotte’s campaign page HERE!

IMG_6137Charlotte was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate she was inspired by her experience to come up with a line of surgery companion dolls. She also uses a portion of her proceeds to buy bears of kids who are in the hospital. We are so inspired by her entrepreneurial  and philanthropy efforts!


Jif Imagine If Finalist Social Image

We weren’t able to connect with Ewen for the episode but he is amazing and we admire the work he is doing for the homeless community in Detroit. You can learn more about his project and find his campaign HERE!

Milo’s campaign can be found HERE! 

The campaigns are open for donations until December 31, 2017.

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