Episode 9: Paige Pierce

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Episode 9 is all about one of our families favorite activities … Disc Golf! Milo was able to have a really fun on-site interview with 4-time World Disc Golf Champion, Paige Pierce. They met at one of our local disc golf courses, played a few holes, and then sat down for an interview. Paige shared some disc golf tips and gave a little insight to what life is like for a professional disc golfer.

The morning they met, we were having a crazy Texas wind storm so interview took place from inside our car…  Milo hosted the show from his carseat!


Milo also had a brief phone interview with another professional disc golfer, Kona Panids. Kona shared some disc golf tips with listeners.


If your family is looking for a fun, inexpensive activity Disc Golf might be for you!  Click Here to find a Disc Golf Course near you!

Be watching for a giveaway on our instagram page to find out how you can enter to win a starter pack of discs.

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