Episode 4: Dan Baird

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Episode 4 of This American Kid features Dan Baird, a Wilderness Guide and the Founder and Head Instructor of the California Survival School. During this episode Dan shared how he turned his dream of working in the outdoors into a reality, some tips on how to stay safe outdoors, and what your family can do to prepare for a natural disaster.

Dan began sharing his love for the outdoors and primitive living technologies professionally in 2004 as a back-country wilderness survival guide and primitive skills instructor with Anasazi Foundation, leading multi-week primitive living expeditions for teens and adults through the high desert and mountains of northern Arizona.

Dan has since lived and traveled in places as far reaching as Romania, Mexico, Venezuela, Hawaii and Tanzania to learn and teach primitive living skills, culminating in the foundation of California Survival School in 2012 as a premier training center for outdoor survival instruction.

Dan is a regular expert contributor to survival publications and websites including SurvivalLife.com and American Survival Guide and has been featured for his expertise in primitive survival on ABC news, Good Morning America, and Nightline.

In addition to his expertise as a primitive survival skills instructor and outdoor guide, Dan is also a DHS/FEMA/EMI nationally certified C.E.R.T (Community Emergency Response Team) training instructor through the National Emergency Training Center. Today, Dan loves having the opportunity to make primitive skills and nature awareness learning opportunities available to thousands of people across California each year via California Survival School and WilderSkills primitive adventure programs.

You can find more information about California Survival School here: www. casurvival.com

You can find more information about the WilderSkills Teens and Kids Adventure Camp here: www.wilderskills.com


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