Episode 1: Nancy Churnin

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Episode 1 of This American Kid featured Nancy Churnin. Nancy is a Theatre Critic for the Dallas Morning News and the Author of “The William Hoy Story” and “Manjhi Moves a Mountain

Milo is an avid reader and library goer. A few months ago, he found Nancy’s book “The William Hoy Story” on the shelf and had to check it out, because it was about baseball. We had no idea how inspired we would be by William Hoy and his determination to play the sport he loved. William Hoy was a deaf professional baseball who helped introduce the signals that are still used in baseball today.

We were thrilled when we reached out to Nancy and she agreed to come on the podcast. Because she is also located in the Dallas area, Milo was able to meet with Nancy in person and check out the Dallas Morning News headquarters in downtown Dallas

We hope you’ve all had a chance to listen to the first episode. It can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe, leave a review, and share with your friends.

Be sure to check out Nancy’s books “The William Hoy Story” and “Manjhi Moves a Mountain” (released September 1, 2017)


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